Sunday, July 23, 2017

Famous Designer Makes HUGE Announcement About Melania

Melania Trump has been a remarkable First Lady thus far. The attacks that she receives on a daily basis are uncalled for and disgusting. She deserves to be treated with respect and she will get it no matter what. When we talk about Melania, the first word that comes to mind is class. She is full of it. Working as a model for decades before becoming First Lady definitely has helped on that front, and when she is compared to Michelle Obama, there is nothing to compare.

Fashion designer Alice Roi has just come out in support of Melania Trump’s unique and American style. She has known the First Lady for 11 years and knows the business well. Many designers have come in opposition to Melania Trump and have felt the consequences. But not Roi, she knows a classy woman when she sees one.

“There is nothing sarcastic about her style, nothing experimental. It is very true and solid,” said Alice Roi, who has come to love working with Melania.

She then talked about a specific coat she made for the First Lady.

“She wanted something clean, dark and simple. I envisioned a very 1960s look with thick, structured wool and welted seams, almost a preppy, Love Story type of coat. We agreed that the belt should not only be a waist defining moment, but also an opportunity to infuse a modern sleekness into the look.

It sounds like she loves working with Melania because of her amazing style. “So we chose a navy monochromatic patent belt. When she put on the whole look, everyone in the room gasped. It was everything I wanted it to be and everything she wanted it to be. There were a million references, and yet it was completely modern. She was perfect. It was a moment I will never forget.”

What a wonderful ode to a classy woman. Do you think Melania is full of class?

Sean Hannity Gets BAD News

On Friday, CNN reported that Fox News anchor Sean Hannity will not be bestowed the William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence by Media Research Center in September.

It was announced earlier this month that Hannity will receive the prestigious award given to distinguished conservative media personalities, according to the Blaze.

As one of Trump’s biggest supporters in the media, Sean Hannity has been under fire for fervently defending the President on the social media, but Media Research Center eventually decided to take back its decision and took down Hannity’s name from their website as the recipient of this award.

Buckley’s only child, best-selling author Christopher Buckley, was extremely concerned with the decision, and according to the report, he “expressed great dismay” that the award bearing his father’s name would go to controversial radio and television host Hannity.

The late conservative advocate William F. Buckley, who died in 2008, founded the National Review magazine in 1955 now considered an “intellectual cornerstone of the conservative movement,” said MRC’s web page.

“It’s my understanding there was a scheduling conflict,” said MRC spokesperson Ryan Moy for CNN.Fox News allegedly used the same excuse, saying that Sean could not attend the annual gala and receive the award.

Hannity addressed the report on Twitter, insisting it was fake news.

The Fox News host defended himself on Twitter claiming he willfully denied the award because he couldn’t attend.

“Hey Fake News Jake, I was offered an award, I was unable to attend, and I respectfully turned it down,” said Hannity early on Friday, followed following up with attacks on the National Review and Christopher Buckley, who Sean said was “no [William F. Buckley.]”

Sean was supposedly talking about the cruising trips the National Review organizes where their fans can pay to go on a cruise with some of their conservative celebrities working for the magazine.

Hannity was also alleged to have been a beneficiary of this arrangement.

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Madonna Says She’s ‘Embarrassed To Be American’

According to sources, back in December of 2016 Madonna told a group of people that she was “embarrassed to be an American” even though she was born in the country and became who she is today in it.

If it wasn’t for America and the chances it provides people, Madonna wouldn’t be the star she is today.

Additionally, Madonna has something to say about Americans. Her most recent hostile tirade included a statement by her saying America is “a place that is known for simple, stupid idiots, who will think anything anybody lets them know. Particularly if it’s Trump related, or originating from Trump himself”.

She even despises the president of America for no apparent reason. When asked about further remarks, she declined to expound further.

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State Department Announces Ban on Tourist Travel to North Korea

About a month ago, Otto Warmbier was released by North Korea after over a year of imprisonment and returned to his family in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tragically, unbeknownst to his family, Otto was in a coma which many believe was caused by North Korean torture of some kind.

He died shortly after his return.

Today, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a move that is likely an effort to dissuade Americans from making the trip that ultimately cost Otto his life.

From NBC News:

American citizens will soon be banned from traveling to North Korea after the U.S. State Department announced on Friday it would be issuing a “geographical travel restriction.”

Heather Nauert, a spokeswoman for the State Department, said a Federal Register notice would be published next week and 30 days after the notice is published, the restriction will become active.

“The safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas is one of our highest priorities,” Nauert said. “Due to mounting concerns over the serious risk of arrest and long-term detention under North Korea’s system of law enforcement, the Secretary has authorized a Geographical Travel Restriction on all U.S. citizen nationals’ use of a passport to travel in, through, or to North Korea.”

Probably a good move.

No need to risk another situation like Warmbier’s and clearly North Korea has no problem snatching up any American that heads over there.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Warmbier family.

Trump considers hiring Anthony Scaramucci as his new director of communications

President Donald Trump has declared open war on CNN. The far-Left news organization just got more bad news thanks to one man getting a job with the Trump administration.

Word has leaked that President Trump will soon name Anthony Scaramucci as his new communications director. The Wall Street financier and Republican donor is known for frequently appearing on Fox News and is considered a close friend of Sean Hannity, according to Axios.

While Scaramucci first supported Republican candidates Scott Walker and Jeb Bush in 2016, he eventually jumped on the “Trump Train” as an ardent supporter.

It was reported that Scaramucci met with Ivanka Trump and President Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday. There, President Trump apparently offered Scaramucci the job of White House communications director, NBC News released.

For CNN, Scaramucci’s name likely conjures up abject fear and plenty of cold sweats.

Politico reported that last June, three CNN reporters resigned after they published a false story claiming that Scaramucci helped to facilitate a Russian investment deal involving the Trump transition team that was worth $10 billion

For reporting fake news, assistant managing editor Eric Lichtblau, executive editor Lex Harris, and reporter Thomas Frank stepped down from their positions at CNN. Frank was once nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, but now he is synonymous with CNN’s widely discredited Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

Following this massive blow to CNN’s already waning integrity, Scaramucci went to Fox News to tell his story. Scaramucci chided the news outlet for readily publishing “completely defamatory” stories about people without verifiable evidence, according to Fox Business.

If Scaramucci does become Trump’s communications director, then it points toward President Trump’s willingness to not only break with the Republican establishment but to continue with his offensive against CNN. The American people should take heart in the possibility of Scaramucci using the White House as an anti-CNN and anti-fake news soap box.

Trump’s supporters are not waiting around for the president, however. Tomorrow, two conservative organizations, Main Street Patriots and The Media Equality Group, will be protesting against CNN outside of its Atlanta headquarters.

Debbie Dooley, a spokesman for Main Street Patriots, says that the group plans on protesting against CNN every month until they stop publishing fake news, Washington Examiner released.

Given the recent publishing of the American Pravda series by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, along with CNN’s history of pushing discredited sources and reports, CNN may be close to its breaking point.

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Principal Makes Elementary Girls Wear Hijab

It’s crazy how fast the West is capitulating to Islam.

Even though the demographic situation is well in natives’ favor, Muslims in these countries are still able to exercise unimaginable influence that far outstrips their numbers.

They’re able to pressure governments to kowtow to their every desire, making it obvious what the future holds as native birth rates continue to plummet and theirs skyrockets.

Schools are a major battleground in this fight, as Muslim propaganda and rules are creeping in with ferocious speed. In Queensland, Australia, one primary school is fighting a preemptive battle to prevent the Islamic takeover of their classrooms.

As reported at Mad World News, a Queensland primary school is embroiled in a controversy as parents are pushing to ban Muslim students wearing the hijab.

Benowa State School P&C President, Brooke Patterson, called for the ban after she was asked to design uniforms for young girls which provided “sexual modesty coverings.”

Not content to see where this slippery slope was leading, Patterson took initiative, calling for an immediate ban before things spiral out of their control.

We need to debate this now, otherwise in three months there will be a Muslim uniform in state schools in Queensland,” she told the Liberal National Party state conference.

In response, the cowardly school principal, Michael Josey, called for Patterson to stand down and said uniform policy had to be in line with anti-discrimination laws.

So anti-discrimination really means “in accordance with the feelings and laws of Islam.”

“You will need to step aside with this matter and declare a conflict of interest, as your own personal political views cannot represent or influence the views of the P&C at this school,” Josey wrote.

Patterson hasn’t been deterred by the limp-wristed principle, as she correctly points out that allowing religious clothing like head scarves effectively creates a special uniform for Muslims alone, which you’d think would cut against the idea of  “equality” that leftists push.

Why would you be trying to do that in a secular state? We are not deciding at Benowa State School uniforms according to a Muslim culture,” she said.

The people who are most vulnerable to this are the poor darling girls between the ages of five and nine. Their religion doesn’t say anything about prepubescent girls wearing a sexual modesty garment.”

As always, the Left wants Muslims to receive special treatment at the expense of everyone else. They wouldn’t allow Christian students the ability to dress in a way that their religion commanded them to, right?

We must continue to stand opposed to their traitorous allegiance and importation of the Muslim invaders, or else the West runs the risk of being destroyed from the inside.

Melania Trump Is Worldwide Fashion Icon


Now that First Lady Melania Trump has officially moved into the White House, she’s becoming something of a fashion icon around the world. She’s being seen more than ever in the public eye and she’s a very active First Lady.

With her husband, President Donald Trump, the duo has taken various foreign trips together over the past few months. Melania has made sure to catch everyone’s eye as she rocks the political world with her wardrobe.

While Trump meets with world leaders, Melania ignites the fashion world.


The Daily Caller writes:

“The first lady and President Trump have taken a few foreign trips together over the past few weeks — and Melania has been catching everyone’s attention at every turn. While Donald Trump meets with world leaders sending the media in a craze in the political sphere, Melania has been doing the same in the fashion sphere.”

“Regardless of how you feel about what’s going on with the president, it is impossible to deny that Melania Trump is as fine as first ladies come. Each and every time she is seen in public she is dressed perfectly no matter the occasion. Here are her best looks from her most recent public appearances.”


Breitbart writes:

“Returning back from their Camp David weekend, Melania showed off her fashion muscles, as she clutched a $3,400 Celine bag paired with $795 Manolo Blahnik Lauratopri stilettos. Melania paired down the luxury items with a white blouse, tucked into a pair of $188 J Brand jeans. Dark brown, reflectant aviator sunglasses topped off the First Lady’s look.”

“Melania kept her cool-tones attire going into official White House business, donning a rich button-detailed wool-blend crepe midi dress by Michael Kors to meet the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela.”

Judge Jeanine Pirro Just RUINED The Democratic Party Live On TV

With all of the Trump-bashing, there seems to be an element missing: the truth.

What the liberal media and Democrats want you to think is that all of it is 100% illegal and treason- some even going as far as to say it’s “worse than Watergate”. What they aren’t telling you, however, is the truth: it’s not illegal and anybody else would have done the same thing. Judge Jeanine Pirro knows a lot about the law and the Truth, and she just put the Democrats in their place. 

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro defends Don Jr. and calls out the Democrats for being completely two-faced. She revealed, “there is no law that says a campaign cannot accept information from a foreign government.” See the full video below:

Pirro Unloaded:


The liberal media loves to trot the headline: “According to this rule, this was illegal and is therefore treason. Impeach Trump!” But they forget to inform the American people that any contribution from another government for influence in an election is illegal, but only if the receiver uses it. Don Jr. agreed to the meeting. So did Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner. They said what the Russian lawyer had was hogwash and utter nonsense. Merely a meeting that was agreed upon and then useless.

Let’s remember, people: during the October month, after the Trump campaign dropped a bomb on the Clinton campaign, the next day the Clinton campaign had the secret footage of Donald Trump years ago saying vulgar things. Now we aren’t defending what he said. But to think the Clinton campaign “just so happened” to have that tape when a leak busted on them would be naive. Judge Jeanine is right. Any campaign or politician that said they wouldn’t meet for information on their rival is a liar and the mainstream media is being the biggest one currently.

Black Lives Matter Protesters BLOCK ROAD

Over the past few years, liberal protesters have taken to blocking traffic on busy roadways to try and force drivers to listen to their ridiculous agendas. Now, a growing number of drivers have had enough of this nonsense, and they’re letting these protesters know that blocking traffic is no longer safe.

Right Wing News reported that the video above this story shows Black Lives Matter protesters blocking traffic at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Watch as a driver pulls up and tries to get past the protesters, but they refuse to move. Finally, the driver loses patience and steps on the gas, plowing through the protesters and sending them running for their lives.

This comes after the North Carolina House of Representatives passed House Bill 330, which states that drivers who hit a protester who’s blocking the road couldn’t be sued for injuries if they “exercise due care.” This was in response to protest on roads all over Charlotte to rally against the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott blocked interstate highways and other roads in the city.

Barack Hussein Obama EXPOSED

It’s an open secret that President Obama was soft on terror, if not tacitly supportive of it.

Not necessarily because he agreed with the ideology, but because terror as a tool allowed he and the Left to push their agenda.

Towards the end of his presidency, Obama’s policies became more and more disjointed from established anti-terror policies.

Rather than listen to his generals and the will of the people, he began siding with radical Islamic groups and their policy desires.

It has long been suspected, if not outright proven, that one of the radical Muslim groups that influenced Obama and continues to exercise significant control over our government is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Evidence to support this assertion has come to light as a former CIA agent candidly spoke recently about the true motives of Obama and his cronies.

As reported at the Conservative Post, speaking with World Net Daily, former CIA agent Clare Lopez make a shocking admission when she said that America effectively switched sides in the war on terror under the Obama administration.

This belief is apparently shared by several members of Congress, though only talked about in private.

Lopez isn’t some random, low-level person either. She’s the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy and a Senior Fellow at The Clarion Project, the London Center for Policy Research, and the Canadian Meighen Institute.

Since 2013, she’s served as a member of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi and as Vice President of the Intelligence Summit.

At the CIA,  she was a career operations officer, a professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee from 2005-2006, and has served as a consultant, intelligence analyst, and researcher for a variety of defense firms.

She was named a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute in 2011. Needless to say, her resume is top-notch.

During her interview, Lopez said that in the past, the war on terror was meant to help the world “stay free of Shariah” and Islamic oppression.

But in her view, that all changed when Obama took office and began supporting extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

She also thinks that the group completely infiltrated the Obama administration and still maintains power throughout the government.

An example of a high-level Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer can be seen in Mohamad Elibiary, an Obama appointee and senior members of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council.

According to a report by the Center for Security Policy, Elibiary supports brokering a US partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. Just a few months ago, Elibiary tweeted that a “Caliphate” is inevitable and compared it to the European Union.

Lopez also says that Obama’s plans for the Middle East were essentially the same as Osama Bin Laden’s.

That is, to topple the largely secular, old-guard authoritarians, thus diminishing American influence in the region and opening the door for unknown groups and radicals to gain power.

This is exactly what happened during the Arab Spring.

Lopez certainly didn’t hold back or mince words in her interview. The shocking allegations she makes may appear hyperbolic at first, but facts on the ground support her case.

Even if Obama’s intentions were pure, they’ve still resulted in carnage and mayhem throughout the Middle East.

Obama’s disastrous presidency has really put the US in a bind when it comes to the region. Extreme caution is needed if we’re to pick up the pieces and restore what was lost under Obama.