‘The View’ is Forced to Remove FAKE NEWS After Kellyanne Calls Them Out!

Kellyanne Conway called out “The View” early this morning on Twitter for still having the GIF of Joy Behar celebrating the redacted ABC report on Flynn’s plea.

“The View’s” Twitter page removed the tweet shortly after!

From Chicks on the Right

Anyway… The View’s twitter account tweeted the clip of Joy reading the JOYFUL ANNOUNCEMENT as well as another celebratory tweet from their account.

They didn’t take it down for HOURS past when ABC had issued their pathetic retraction.

You think The View fans cared about a retraction? No, of course not. They just took Hag Behar’s word for it. TRUMP IS GONE! You should have seen my Facebook newsfeed last night. It was literally liberal mardi gras. They were toasting it.

But Kellyanne called them out:

The tweet was deleted soon after that.

Joy’s is still up.

So. Freaking. Pathetic.


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