Legendary Pat Boone Still Stands With Trump, Says Something No One Dared To Say Before

Liberals are not known as people who can keep their mouths shut. That is exactly why Hollywood legend Pat Boone just obliterated all of them, reminding other celebrities what it really means to be an American and respect your people.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Boone confronted the mainstream media, making a point that we’ve wanted to make for the past year. The president and his family are being attacked 24/7 for incredibly stupid things that don’t deserve that much attention.

Mainstream media outlets like the CNN went as far as defending gangsters, just so they can use the situation to attack Trump for his wishes to annihilate the drug cartels and MS-13. That is why Boone said:

“The fact that he is the President of The United States does not earn him any respect at all. In fact, it just makes him an easy target.”

The arrogance of these media outlets has become intolerable. It’s one thing to express your opinion, it’s a whole other thing to use psychological terror against the President and his family.

What Pat Boone said reminded the media to think about who Trump really is. He called for everyone to go back to their roots:

“Trump is a fairly recent professed Christian… It was only in the last year or two that he has had input from Christian leaders and ministers, and I think he has come to fully understand what being a Christian is. There is more of an overt evidence of faith in Trump than there ever was in Obama.”

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  1. Thank you, Pat Boone, for standing strong for President Trump and his family! He really does need all of the support he can get to put these unrelentful Liberals in their rightful place. By this I mean that they deserve punishment for their acts of evilness.

  2. Pat Boone has a long history of having a relationship with God, and so, I fully agree, for he has walked with God for years, and he is also a genius. Trump is a genius in international relations, he is a business man, a man of God for his family and for the world. I don’t understand why so many people are blind to face that fact, but it took Jesus to blind Paul and to make him see the light into the corruption and the killing of Christians, and working for the demons. Jesus turned him into being one of the greatest apostles that preached the Bible. And if everyone would crack that Bible open a little, they would agree with Pat, Trump, and a lot of other geniuses that are coming on the Trump Team.

  3. I agree with Pat Boone. What are the liberals up to that they have to nit pick everything Trump says or does. It’s a smoke screen.

  4. I truly believe that Pres Trump has become a changed man since winning the election. Being responsible for 360 million people might do that for you. No one should judge him…God will do that just like he will judge you and I. So, mind your own soul and let him do the same. And FYI, I have been a fan of Pat Boone since a was 13!!! For his and my sake i will not say what year. 🎶 Love Letters in the Sand 🎶…..oh yes 💜

  5. I agree with Pat Boone.There should be a law against what the media is doing to Trump & christians. Of course the Demos agree with the harassment against the President or they would speak out against it.Its hard to believe our Democrates could sink this low .( some of them)

  6. The best wisdom I have ever heard so far! Enough is enough and we have past the point of no return. Drop the whips jockey. We won. So get over it! If you don’t like it and can’t accept it and cannot keep your mouth shut then you have only ONE CHOICE! GET OUT!

  7. I praise the Lord God Almighty for selecting Donald Trump for our President! All the hatred of people against him will stand before God himself and He will say to them, away from me to the pit of He’ll with the Devil and His Angels as I never knew You! It is time for those people to get theirselves in order as no one knows when God will take you from this Earth! Don’t delay as you can be taken in the blink of an Eye! Then if you never sought forgiveness and only ever curse the Lord and God Almighty it will be too Late! He will say away from me to the pit of He’ll with Satan and is Angels! Think twice how you slander our President or any other person as a blind of the eye is Fast! Pray you seek forgiveness from God! Don’t wait!

  8. The fact that the Democrats are doing everything to find fault with President Trump. When you point your finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing at yourselves. The facts are the whole past Administration has been nothing short of total corruption and collusion and are guilty of the things they are accusing President Trump of to get the focus off themselves of.