Powerful Group Issues ULTIMATUM To GOP Senators Who Betrayed Trump

There’s only one thing worse than a Democrat politician (if that’s imaginable): a Democrat disguised as a Republican. Unfortunately for our country, we have far too many of those in Congress.

The recent health care situation playing out in the Senate has allowed us to sort out the true conservatives from the RINOs. We’ve had enough! The Senate Conservatives Fund, a major conservative group, is pledging to run primary challengers against every Senator who votes against a clean Obamacare repeal.

These liberal “Republicans” have utterly betrayed President Trump, the GOP base, and America. After all, repealing Obamacare is one of the top issues Republicans have been campaigning on for over seven years. Every Republican in Congress right now got there by promising to gut it.

But now we’re finding out it was all a show. These spineless hacks never had any intention of truly repealing Obamacare. They wanted to look good for their conservative constituents. But once in Washington, it was business as usual.

Unfortunately, that business is giving into whatever the Leftist establishment wants. It’s interesting and sad that Republicans cave to whatever Democrats want. Do the Dems pay Republicans the same courtesy?

For months, we’ve been watching with frustration as these fake conservatives betray us. They’ve made the entire party look ridiculous by not being able to agree on an Obamacare repeal plan despite having years to put one together!

President Trump knows the American people are fed up with Obamacare. His promise to cut this Socialist pyramid scheme is a big reason he got elected, and with such a decisive victory. Hard-working, tax-paying Americans hate Obamacare!

That’s why Trump, seeing the complete dysfunction playing out among Republicans in Congress, offered a simple solution: repeal now, replace later. It’s a brilliant idea that comes from a brilliant commander-in-chief.

After all, the problem with health care in this country is that there’s too much government intrusion, not that there isn’t enough. Although our health care system had its issues before Obama, it worked. Obamacare made everything worse. Therefore, going back to what we had before, even without a replacement, would be better than continuing with the current disastrous Obamacare system.

And right when we’re on the verge of getting that clean repeal passed, these traitorous GOP Senators come out and say they can’t support it. This madness has gone on long enough. We’re sick and tired of our politicians lying to us. And the Senate Conservative Funds is doing something about it. They’re hitting these hacks where it most hurts: in their wallets.

SCF will fund Republicans who challenge these traitor GOP RINOS in the primaries. If a GOP Senator does not vote for the repeal of Obamacare, they will not have support in their re-election bid. It’s that simple. That’s how you teach them a lesson.

We have no patience or time for these faux Republicans. We can’t live with Obamacare anymore–it punishes tax-paying American citizens. Let’s support Trump in denying these liars re-election. When we’re through with them, they won’t even hold office as dog-catcher!


  1. Republicans and RINOs need to listen up! No more Obamacare and no more backstabbing by the RINOs! Straighten up or face some serious voter wrath! You have been warned!

  2. I will tell you why the attempted take over of our country was tried, the reason being The Majority of Americans have Been asleep for 7 years and are now waking up from a nightmare..The political Gang consisting of MONEY DONORS, TV NEWS STATIONS, RADIO STATIONS,HOLLYWOOD, VATICAN, have all been involved in the planned Brain Washing of Americans. The new event of Cell Phones became a tool to keep the public involved in writing Text Messages and eliminated Conversation.

  3. Force them on to Obamacare like we were and see how fast things change.If the American people are forced into something by the government,then the government should have to play by the same rules they force us to play by.They are no better than we are.Richer than we are,yes but that’s because they always have their hands in our pockets.

  4. If the Constitution is to be followed correctly, Congress, or any elected official, is to receive a salary and NOTHING more for their time in office. How much would that save every year. Expenses to be reimbursed upon submission of receipts for allowed expenditures, only. No retirement, no staff salaries, no free health care. This adherence to the Constitution would save us billions per year, enough to build the Wall. Add in term limits and, all of a sudden, we’d see a huge drop in “government welfare programs” via elected office.

  5. Why is the government involved in health care? Get them out of it totally and let states and the private sector take it from there….. who decided that the government shud be a health care provider…. the Dems ultimate goal was and is single payer healthcare known as socialism …. get rid of the Rhinos …. and maybe start a new conservative 3rd party ……

  6. The American People are tired of “elected Republicans” NOT supporting OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. We will replace you. You were sent to Washington to represent the American People and YOU ARE NOT DOING THE JOB. There has been TOO MUCH hatred, violence, and trash talk. The American People ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP and we EXPECT our elected representatives to SUPPORT HIM AND US.