Trump Jr. Took Out Hillary Clinton Like Never Before

Donald Trump Jr. is bashing Hillary Clinton for not being vocal enough against Harvey Weinstein. The ex presidential candidate has been quiet since claims of sexual harassment surfaced previously this week.

As disclosed on Thursday by a New York Times’s report claiming Weinstein sexually harassed women employees and actresses throughout the previous thirty years. Even though he refused to admit the claims were true, he movie giant did admit he did something wrong and is now on an open leave from his movie empire.

Many stars have went against Weinstein amid the claims, and a several Democratic members of Congress have promised to donate campaign financing they initially intended to be for him. The company executive is a famous Democratic donor, and endorsed Clinton throughout the 2016 election. As a matter of fact, he orchestrated a star-studded fundraiser for her on Broadway, which happened almost a year ago.

Today, amid the unexpected allegations against Weinstein, Trump is calling out Clinton for not raising her voice. He posted on Twitter on Saturday morning, “Weird, Hillary has been really quiet about Harvey Weinstein. You would think she would be all Over this. #WhatHappened?” The hashtag, naturally, is a reference to Clinton’s fresh book regarding the election. On top of that he “liked” a tweet from actor-comedian Rob Schneider, who shared, “Whoever kidnapped @HillaryClinton the last 48 hours so she couldn’t talk to the press PLEASE LET HER GO!”

However, Clinton isn’t the only one Trump is attacking for this. Namely, he retweeted an image of Weinstein posing with Barack Obama and Senator Chuck Schumer, which was titled, “Can’t wait to hear @jimmykimmel’s monologue on this tonight.” The First Son added, “Saturday Night Live should be great too. #ImWaiting.”

He additionally retweeted messages bashing Lisa Bloom for representing Weinstein, and also reposted the account of a reporter who surfaced on Friday to allege Weinstein once masturbated in her presence.

Even though Clinton hasn’t answered, Trump hasn’t stopped going after both her and Kimmel, posting, “Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein? #askingforafriend.” Kimmel answered, “You mean that big story from the failing, liberal, one-sided @nytimes? I think it is disgusting.” To what Trump answered, “Great I look forward to your monologues next week. You’re probably due for a change if only for a moment or two.”

What do you think about this? Will Hillary respond to this? Will she return the money?