Sean Spicer Just Exposed Dems Who Accepted Money From Harvey Weinstein

The Trump administration has had to deal with more hate than any other administration in American history. Considering all they are doing to keep Americans safe and out of harm’s way, it is surprising to see them treated so poorly. Most of it stems from their jealously that was born when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a shocking victory. Ever since that point, they have been completely unable to even work with Trump on the most simple issues.

And most of it comes back to bite them hard. Yet, they continue to fight back with hate instead of actually trying to get something passed. This is how we have been seeing things run for a very long time and Americans are starting to grow very tired of it. One thing that has come out of the hate is the turnover within the Trump administration.

Liberals and the mainstream media love to point at the turnover rate within the White House and the Trump administration. What they do not realize is that most of that turnover comes from their own hate. People are tired of dealing with all of the negativity so they leave. On person that left was former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

He left and not too many know exactly why. That is not an easy job. But he just put out a graphic that should shut down any Democrats that are attacking the Trump administration. It has to do with donations from Harvey Weinstein, who has just been exposed as a sexual harassment savant.

As you can see, Democrats, who love to attack conservatives for taking dirty money, seem to not hold themselves to the same standards. And they cannot say that they did not know about his past. This is a new report but many questionable things about Weinstein have come out in the past.

Sean Spice, who himself was in hot water with conservatives after joining the Emmys cast, has been largely silent over the past few months. But he is now hitting back hard. Are you shocked to see the donations from the democrats?