Hollywood Star Arrested for Child Pornography

America is in shock this week after Hollywood actor Mark Salling, who was best known for starring on the Fox television show “Glee,” plead guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor.

Daily Mail reported that Salling plead guilty as part of a plea agreement that would give him a reduced sentence of between four and seven years in prison. He had previously been looking at twenty years in jail after being charged with two counts of child pornography.

The agreement dictates that the disgraced actor must register as a sex offender and after serving his time he will be under under supervised release for 20 years. Once he is released, Salling is banned from coming within 100 feet of schoolyards, parks, public swimming pools, playgrounds and video arcade venues.

In addition, Salling cannot communicate verbally or electronically with any person under 18 without their parent or guardian present and will have to pay “approximately $50,000” in restitution to each victim that has requested it.

Court documents state that Salling “downloaded thousands of images of child pornography,” between April and December 2015. The documents say that he used software to mask his IP address, but showed some of his collection to an adult woman on at least two occasions. It was her who ended up turning him in to police.

Salling was arrested in December of 2015 and when police raided his home, they found a cache of explicit images on his computer depicting children as young as 10 in sexual situations. They ultimately found more than 50,000 photos and videos on his laptop and another 4,000 on a flash drive

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