Lou Dobbs BLOWS SCANDAL WIDE OPEN: ‘The Biggest Scandal in American History…’

On Friday night, Fox Business host Lou Hobbs talked to “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer about the Uranium One scandal which involves the entire Deep State criminal cabal.

“There is no clear statement as to why we would give up, for any reason, any price, 20% of our uranium in this country,” Dobbs said, according to The Gateway Pundit. “And that is a question that is left open still unanswered. and secondly, have you ever heard of anyone putting $145 million, at one moment, into the hands of the Clinton foundation? And the answer is, of course not. These questions most basic and fundamental, were armed by the very committee made up of the very agencies, departments, and individuals responsible for national security. this, this is the biggest Obama scandal. I think it may well turn out to be the biggest scandal in American political history.”

This comes after it was reported that before Obama administration approved the very controversial deal in 2010 giving Russia 20% of America’s Uranium, the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in order to benefit Vladimir Putin. This report, which was released on Tuesday, revealed that the investigation was supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, who is now President Trump’s Deputy Attorney General, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who is now the deputy FBI director under Trump.

Victoria Toensing, a lawyer for the FBI informant, said her client “is not only afraid of the Russian people, but he is afraid of the US government because of the threats the Obama administration made against him.”

“The bribery schemes included delivering thousands of dollars in yellow envelopes, laundering tens of thousands of dollars in briefcases or wiring thousands of dollars through shell companies through the Seychelle Islands, Latvia, Cyprus and Switzerland to name a few,” Circa News reported.

In addition, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch blocked the FBI informant from testifying to Congress.

This scandal is huge because it’s not just the pay-to-play, there are national security problems as well.

It’s sad that the mainstream media continues to only report on anything negative they can find about Donald Trump when there was clearly so much illegal activity going on when Obama was in office. Despite this, the mainstream media still bends over backwards to portray Obama in a positive light.

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  1. Agreed that this may be the scandal of our history. This very uranium may contribute to great disaster to America. Since $145 million was gifted the Clinton Foundation, it appears this was because Hillary Clinton masterminded and accomplished the deal.

  2. First of all, it is Lou Dobbs, not Lou Hobbs.

    This is not a new story, unfortunately. Should have been resolved at least two years ago – but you know who was in office then. I am sick of the Democrats getting away literally with murder. This uranium “deal” benefitted Hillary $145M and US $0 – plus it put all of our lives in danger.

  3. I believe the media is also taking big money from the Clinton’s, Why else would they ignore the news as it is?? Why would they not post news stories like this about Obama? It’ll all come out someday, not in my lifetime. I’m old and have seen a lot of Gov;mt underhandedness.

  4. Yeah… We know these people are criminal. For the last few years there has been one cover up after another. Nothing has happened, does anyone really believe anything will change? The gutless swamp will not get off their dead asses and do something.