ISIS Attack In Canada: Man Stabs Police Officer, Then Rams Multiple Pedestrians With Vehicle

Our northern neighbor Canada is being led by a ridiculous pretty boy. Justin Trudeau can’t keep control of Canada’s immigration system and he loves to pretend there’s nothing wrong in the universe. Tragically, last night Canada’s peace was shattered as an ISIS-affiliated terrorist stabbed a police officer and mowed down multiple pedestrians, as The Sun reports. This ISIS attack has the whole country on edge.

Police say a 30-year-old man with an ISIS flag drove a car into a police officer, sending him 15-feet in the air. The attacker then jumped out and stabbed the officer repeatedly in a “vicious” manner before fleeing on foot. The attack took place in the downtown core of Edmonton, Canada.

Later that night police stopped a U Haul van registered to the same owner of the car which had struck the officer. They pursued the van which tore through downtown and rammed multiple pedestrians on purpose.

There were no fatalities, although serious injuries to pedestrians and police have been reported.

Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht said this is being looked at as “an act of terror.” He says the ISIS attack was done by one man who used a Chevy Malibu and then a rented U-Haul van to perpetrate his acts of carnage.

A witness, Kim Anderson, said she saw “People flying and everything. I’m shocked – I just see people flying.”

Edmonton police spokesman Scott Pattinson said that the officer  who was stabbed is “in hospital, and thankfully he’s doing OK.” At least four pedestrians are also reported as being injured in the ramming attack with unspecified injuries.

Downtown Edmonton was crowded at the time of the ISIS attack as people were out watching football. The officer who was stabbed had been out directing traffic when the ISIS pig attacked him.

Please pray for Canada.

Watch footage of the attack:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also spoke out, saying Canada “will never let violent extremism win.” He didn’t mention any specifics about what kind of violent extremism.

The leader of Alberta Rachel Notley also said citizens are stronger than “any form of hate.”