CNN’s Dana Bash Comes Clean With Troubling Revelation About Barack, Michelle, And Harvey Weinstein

The liberal media and leftist politicians haven’t been very forceful about condemning left-wing sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. If you believe liberals you would think the only bad behavior that ever occurred was from Fox News hosts. However, as Breitbart reports, CNN reporter Dana Bash broke the mold today when she made a powerful point about Harvey Weinstein and the Obama family.

“You broke the news about Hillary Clinton finally putting out a statement condemning his behavior and distancing herself. The question is whether or not she is going to help gather the $1.4 million that he, as what’s known has bundler, helped her campaign over the years,” Bash said.

She has a really good point, since Clinton took five days to even respond and only did so with a garbage apology through her publicist. What’s she going to do with the millions Harvey gave her?

Since the scandal was revealed last Thursday, Clinton has found time to discuss birth control funding and she re-released children’s book It Takes a Village and the problems she says women face in politics.

She has also continued her lucrative speaking tour with engagements at Stanford University and University of California, Davis.

Clinton went on and told the UC Davis audience on Monday about the struggles of being a woman and running for president. Guess what though, she’s not giving back the money.

“You have to have a high pain threshold because the double standard is alive and well,” said Clinton.

“This is endemic to our political system, to business, to the media, to every part of society. So don’t be afraid to talk about it and take it on.”

Bash wasn’t done yet either. She took on the Obama family, who are very close with Harvey Weinstein but haven’t spoken up about his disgusting behavior allegedly victimizing numerous women.

“Where are the Obamas? Where is Michelle Obama? Where is President Obama?” Bash asked, adding “[Weinstein] is and probably still is a big supporter of him and his political efforts. And just let’s just pretend the shoe was on the other foot and this was a Republican, somebody who is in Hollywood who is a Republican alleged to have done these things and gave to Republican presidents. Can you imagine the outrage if they weren’t condemning this behavior? I mean, it makes no sense at all that they are not coming out and saying something. Never mind the question of the donations.”

She is so right. If a top Republican had been accused of the kind of serious allegations against Weinstein there would be literally weeks and months of crying and anger all over television and Obama and Clinton would be virtue signalling every waking second of the day. Bash just called out their bulls*** in an epic way. Even liberal CNN couldn’t keep the lid on this one it looks like, the tension just boiled over even among their leftist hosts and then:


Dana Bash kicked the media’s ass on this issue to be honest as well as the Obamas and fake feminist Hillary Clinton. She exposed their utter hypocrisy and lack of concern in actually standing up for women and defending their rights.

What do you think?