Trump-Hating Houston Mayor’s Horrible Advice to Citizens

The mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, has recently been put under fire after deciding to go with a low blow to President Donald Trump and his administration as he used Hurricane Harvey and it’s destruction as reason to make President Trump look bad.

Turner is a very liberal Democrat and the statement he released after President Trump advised Houston citizens to evacuate, shows that Democrats will not agree or listen to Trump for their own selfish reasons. They have no regard to the lives that can be impacted when improper actions occur.

On August 25th it was announced that Southeast Texas had a wall of water coming straight at the Houston gulf coast, at that time President Trump immediately told his administration to prepare emergency procedures. Trump and GOP Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott immediately urged citizens to prepare, and Abbott even asked everyone to evacuate as soon as possible. However, Mayor Turner decided that he would be stubborn and not listen to any Republicans on this matter writing “Ignore unfounded, unsourced weather predictions that are frightening Houstonians, get info from trusted outlets.”

Turner just could not give in and give the best advise to his citizens, he again wrote, “Please think twice before trying to leave Houston en masse. No evacuation orders have been issued for the city. #Harvey.”

Proof folks, that going against recommendations of another party for weather warnings just because they are not in the same political realm, is STUPID.  Turner can now be thanked for his response for the loss of life, fear and injuries to his citizens.

When it comes to the safety of our citizens, do what is best. Do not be stubborn. Let us unite. Please pray for HOUSTON!


  1. It’s a damn shame that people of that type would even be allowed in a government position of any importance. They just don’t have the intelligence to deal with issues in a responsible manner. All of those people are going to pay for his stupidity!