McCain’s Deathbed Secret Just Revealed About What He Did To Soldiers He Was In Captivity With

Senator John McCain remains the biggest betrayer in Washington D.C. Ever since Donald Trump became President of the United States, McCain did everything he can in order to undermine his power, which is a federal crime. McCain wants sympathy from the Americans who still believe that he is a war hero, but now it’s time to reveal the truth about his time in the military.

Although his military records about the catastrophes and scandals in the Navy are sealed, it was recently reported that McCain is responsible for the death of 134 sailors. He decided to show off by doing a wet start of his plane which resulted in hitting two planes that had 1,000-pound highly-explosive bombs. However, McCain was never blamed because his father was a 4-star admiral and the whole incident was buried.

Three months after the deadliest loss of life the Navy has ever seen, McCain was sent on a bombing mission over Hanoi in 1967. He was captured by the North Vietnamese, and he was a prisoner until 1973. After he was released, McCain used his story and became a Vietnam war hero and afterward he was elected as senator.

He is anything but a hero. Because of him, 134 people lost their lives. He also helped the government to hide information about other American prisoners in Vietnam who still haven’t returned home. Although McCain has a sworn testimony by two Defense Secretaries of “the men left behind” in Vietnam, he continues to lie to the public that there were no other survivors. This is so bad for the families who still don’t know what actually happened to their loved ones.

As Freedom Daily reports, using his position as a senator, McCain would be behind the scenes quietly pushing and sponsoring federal laws that would keep the most damning information about our POWs buried through classified documents.

According to the government documents, numerous prisoners in Vietnam didn’t return under President Nixon who signed the peace treaty in January of 1973. Only 591 were released, including McCain. President Nixon promised the Vietnamese that the United States will help with a postwar reconstruction without any political conditions. However the Congress didn’t approve and as a result, Vietnam was furious at the American government and didn’t release more prisoners. Although this was supposed to be a secret, the CIA admitted that the missing men were killed by the Vietnamese because they were no longer useful to them.

As Freedom Daily reports, after the Pentagon’s POW/MIA office was publicly shamed by internal whistleblowers that there were in fact still men in Vietnam being held as POWs, the pressure from the families and Vietnam veterans finally forced the government in 1991 to create the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, to investigate these allegations.

McCain was made the chairman of the board, so he gained power and he decided to put the story on the shelf. Not only he betrayed President Donald Trump in the repeal of the Obamacare, but he also betrayed his brothers-in-arms in Vietnam. After the Congress proposed “The Truth Bill” regarding the missing soldiers, McCain vote against it. Although the bill became law in 1991, the families still couldn’t find out the truth about their loved ones. McCain worked together with Kerry in order to bury the latest piece of evidence about the missing soldiers.

McCain screwed over the POWs in order ways such as authoring a crippling amendment to the Missing Service Personnel Act, that stripped away the obligations that commanders were previously held to of speedily searching for missing men and reporting these incidents to the Pentagon, The American Conservative reported.

The thought that McCain made Pengaton chief’s to lie under oath about the men left behind disgusts me. He even buried all the evidence, including documents and satellite photos. People should know the truth. He is no hero, he is responsible for 134 deaths. He is also the biggest traitor and an enemy of the American people.