Breaking: North Korea Just Made Crucial Move On Guam

Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea reached a boiling point last week when the communist nation threatened to launch a nuclear attack on the American territory of Guam. On Tuesday, North Korea made a disturbing announcement indicating that this attack may be imminent.

Sky News reported that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was just shown plans to fire missiles into waters near US military bases and “wring the windpipes of the Yankees.” Photos released by the North Korean state media show leader looking at maps alongside military chiefs during an inspection of North Korea’s Strategic Forces, which handles the country’s missile programme, on Monday.

One of the large maps shows a straight line between northeastern North Korea and Guam. The line goes through Japan and appears to show the flight route of four ballistic missiles Pyongyang has threatened to fire at Guam, which is 3,200 km (2,000 miles) from North Korea’s capital.
Kim has reportedly ordered his military to be prepared to launch missiles towards Guam at any time and has claimed that it will be “the most delightful historic moment” when the weapons “wring the windpipes of the Yankees and point daggers at their necks”, according to state media.
However, Kim has reportedly decided to delay the missile launch so that he can continue observing how the U.S. behaves towards North Korea. He said that North Korea will launch the attack on Guam if “Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity” and urged the US to “think reasonably and judge properly.”
This comes after President Donald Trump declared his military “locked and loaded” and ready to unleash “fire and fury” if Pyongyang continues to threaten America or its allies, with the US ready to take out any missile heading towards Guam.
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