Breaking: Turkey Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Deal, Cites Lack Of Obama’s Bribes As Reason

President of Turkey Recep Erdogan confessed that the only reason for being in the Paris Climate Treaty was to receive more funds from the U.S. and other more wealthy nations. Of course with Trump pulling the United States out of the treaty, there’s no reason to expect the financial benefits.

Proving yet again, for the millionth time, that the whole build of the Paris Climate Treaty had absolutely nothing to do with the fake news climate change. It was completely about redistributing the funds of the nations involved.

President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate agreement means Turkey is no longer inclined to ratify the deal because the U.S. move ruins compensation promised to developing countries, President Tayyip Erdogan said.

Erdogan was making a speech at the G20 summit in Germany where leaders from the world’s most massive economies disagreed with U.S. President Donald Trump over climate policy, following his announcement last month that he was removing the nation from the accord.

Erdogan said that when Turkey signed the accord France had promised that Turkey would be receiving compensation and for the most part the United States would be footing the bill to aid in their climate compliance.

“So we said if this would happen, the agreement would pass through parliament. But otherwise, it won’t pass,” Erdogan said.

“Therefore, after this step taken by the United States, our position steers a course towards not passing this from the parliament,” he said.

What do you believe about the Climate Accord?

This is a clear signal that Trump was right, but of course, the mainstream media will ignore this and say that Trump is colluding with Turkey to make himself look good. Probably not, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

What do you think of this shocking development? Should this be a signal that Trump knows what he is doing?