Obama’s Trying To Undermine President Trump

Apparently, someone still thinks he’s president.

Former President Barack Obama visited the South Korean President to discuss President Trump and policies to deal with North Korea.

From Newsweek: Just a few days after meeting U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington D.C, South Korea’s new leader Moon Jae-in met with former President Barack Obama.

During a 40-minute talk at the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul, Obama and Moon discussed foreign policy and specifically how South Korea should deal with Kim Jong Un.

Following their meeting, Moon announced that North Korea had one last chance to engage in dialogue with the outside world before it was completely cut off.

Moon, who won elections in South Korea in May, has tried to engage with North Korea by inviting them to co-host the Winter Olympics and trying to provide Pyongyang with life-saving Malaria medication, both of which were turned down.

Moon asked Obama for advice on how to deal with his northern neighbor and discussed recent talks with U.S. President Donald Trump. Obama meanwhile “wished Moon success during his leadership,” according to a spokesperson from the Korean Presidential Palace.

Twitter did not take Obama’s backdooring kindly.

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  1. This scares me to death. The ramifications could be devastating. Congress needs to get sessions to stop this immediately.

  2. Trying to under-mind our President, and trying to dictate American policy that is no longer his domain, should be considered Conspiracy and sabotage, unless he was otherwise asked to relay information from the President, by the President !

  3. We have one President at a time and it NOT Barrack Obama!!!! This could be considered an act of treason if he is sabotaging our President and our President’s agenda.