Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe pardons an undocumented immigrant

The Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe has just pardoned an undocumented immigrant for past driving violations, in hopes that his decision will foil the effort of Homeland Security agents to repatriate the woman.

The case of Liliana Cruz Mendez has gained a nationwide interest as pro-immigrant organizations come to her aid. Regardless of her illegal status, Mendez has been an industrious member of North Virginia and should be acquitted, claim activists.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe said the acquittal should boost those calls.

“Tearing this family apart will not make our commonwealth or our country safer,” stated governor McAiliffe. “If President Trump and his administration are serious about making our nation safer, they will release Ms. Mendez, focus their immigration enforcement efforts on legitimate threats to our public safety and get behind the comprehensive immigration reform our nation needs.”


Mendez has been defying a 2006 deportation order that immigration administrators said makes her an possible target for being repatriated in El Salvador.

Mendez, 30, was apprehended past week afters appearing for a regular check-in with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

She did similar check-ins while Obama was in office and was released both times, most likely because she fell short of the priorities then-presient Obama had set for deportation targets in his administration.

Mendez’s supporters claim that her only criminal history is a 2013 traffic stop for a broken taillight. Mendez was then driving without a license, which means she is also guilty of a felony.

Mendez pleaded guilty to both felonies in 2014, was charged with $130 in fines and was given a year of probation without being supervised.

Her two children, aged 10 and 4, are U.S. citizens, and her husband is allowed to work implying at least some uncertain legal status. Activists said that should be enough to earn her leniency.

“It’s clear under the law that they have discretion to grant her request and allow Liliana to remain with her family,” said Nick Katz, senior manager for legal services at CASA, an advocacy organization for immigrants. “This is a textbook example for why we have discretion based on humanitarian concerns.”

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  1. As usual, the media did not include how she was detained. She was bragging about her status and being able to thumb her nose at our immigration laws.

  2. The law is there for a reason, if you let one break it then you’ll let more get away with it, we Americans damn sure don’t get to pick and choose, deport all, the kid is an anchor baby anyway?