These States Are Passing ‘ English Only’ Laws – Do You Support Them?

Because of the terror of the liberals and their Illuminati agenda, the USA stand up and fight against these evil people to keep the heritage and pride of the American nation. We heard so many things like no more ,, merry Christmas”, no to English as official language, or be more political correct etc. However, their goal is a total destruction of American culture and dignity.

One of their goals is to settle as many immigrants as possible. Most of them, of course, muslim. However, America is not going to retreat. Some states will fight to keep the English language as official.

Some states have taken their preference for English further: including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, and many others. They have mandated that only English be used to teach students.

On one hand, English is the primary language in America and most people speak it. And foreigners who come here should expect to have to learn it in order to communicate with Americans and our government officials. This is how you make a strong nation. When you have strong basis nothing can ruin our constitution. WE HAVE TO MAKE ENGLISH OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF THE USA!

Donald Trump will make this possible, trust me. He is not a puppet controlled by sick liberals. He is an honest American Patriot. If we all unite and fight for our ideals everything will change. Despite the fact that the mainstream media is a brainwashing factory, we still love America. This love can produce miracles. This love will make America great again.