President Trump Makes MAJOR Social Security Announcement

Politicians nowadays don’t seem to be very honest. Campaign promises that won them hard-fought elections don’t seem to stick around in many cases. That isn’t the case with Donald Trump though; including a little promise he made about social security and not leaving seniors behind.

The Patriot Beacon reports with more:

Trump has refused to levy cuts in the Social Security program or Medicare, saving seniors much-needed money. Last month, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney placed a report on his desk that looked at possible cuts to be placed in Trump’s 2017 budget.

I laid to him the options,” said Mulvaney. “And Trump looked at one and said, ‘What is that?’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s a change to part of Social Security.’ He said, ‘No. No. He said, ‘I told people I wouldn’t change that when I ran. And I’m not going to change that. Take that off the list.’”

Social Security has been under attack by politicians on both sides of the aisle. Seniors have paid into the program during their entire lives and they deserve to enjoy its benefits after a lifetime of working hard. We finally have a president who will take major action to stand up for our seniors.

Instead of attacking Social Security, Trump should look at other spending reforms. Fraud in the food stamps program alone is at an all-time high, costing taxpayers over $800 million annually. Getting rid of waste and abuse would go a long way towards making our government more efficient and accountable.

No one has done anything remotely beneficial for seniors in at least 16 years. President Trump continues to prove that he can make America great again.”

What do you think? Is Trump a great president?


  1. Wow a man in Washington that keeps his promises! What a rarity. Most of them are crooked and evil. Satan thinks he is having a heyday!!

  2. Thank you president Trump!
    I worked all my life and I pay into the social security system because I was forced too! I had no say in the matter. Now they talk about cutting benefits. There are many politicians handing our Social Security money out too illegal people who shouldn’t be getting a penny! Especially when they never paid into it.Then there’s some other’s that decide they can help themselves to it, if they needed more money for whatever. What do these people think? Do they think its a big political piggy 🐷 bank for hand outs or personal agendas? Now that these idiots have pretty much drained it, they have no idea of how to replace it! So they decide they should cut the benefits to the people who deserve it. Benefits already are not enough to live on. The incoming benefit money is poverty level income and they now want to take that! They have no right! It’s not theirs!! That system was put into place for the people to have an income when they can no longer work! What evil these people can do just stuns me! They had no business ever to even take a dime. It’s not the government funds, it the people funds

  3. Who was balancing the books when Obama was stealing the money from Social Security? Now after stealing the money your worried about balancing books?Please figure out and put the money back this money is for the people that have worked . The Government took this money out of my cks all my life . This was a benefit for workers not illegals . Get them off SS and food stamps and put that money in SS account. Who was watching the money ,some idiot. This was not an arm machine now pay it back ..Who ever took it or borrowed needs to be in jail and sell all of his homes to pay it back..

  4. THank you President Trump for protecting our Social Security! WE worked many years and the money was taken out of our pay checks and now we need to not be afraid that our checks will be reduced!

    God will bless you for all your efforts for we the retried people!
    MArie L Brewer

  5. Thank you for saving social security and keeping your word! Very rare anywhere these days especially in Washington politics! How about giving us a good, decent raise! Everything’s gone up except racial security. We really need it and haven’t had one for years!

  6. In 2015 I did not get a costbof livung raise in my ss check. In 2016 I recieve a $3.00 raise, but copays for medicines went up $2.00 each.

  7. Does the government realize WE worked for this money? It’s our, coming out of out checks. No one has a right to take it or even borrow from it, cause the government won’t pay it back. Keep off our money.

    • No I don’t think the government knows we WORKED for this money……..because they themselves do very little WORK.

  8. The president of this great nation , the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.Has worked so hard to stand fast to his promises and although he has been under TREMENDOUS pressure from the Democratic party and quite a number of Republicans even through so much he always comes back to what he promised.He makes me SO PROUD that he is from my generation.Men whos words had more value than money. When with a hand shake you would seal any deal , How I miss that. Thank you Mr. President.

  9. ty MR. president Trump, sick n tired of gov. taking from SS it is not there money and obama stole enough from us. plz make him pay it back. was not gov. money to touch. but wanted to say Thank you for leaving it alone.

  10. Thank you President Trump! In my opinion, if the government would stop using our seniors SS money for other things there should be plenty for that program. Working people pay into the SS fund every month it comes right out of their checks! There should be more than enough in the fund to take care of that matter. How many years has that program been in practice now?. It’s too easy and convenient for our governing people to use the SS money for “other” things! If they would keep their sticky fingers off the seniors money there should be more than enough!

  11. Thank you President Trump that is not the governments money to mess with
    I worked and paid into that and my employer also paid into it and it’s all I have
    To live on
    So please leave it alone