Mike Huckabee Calls Out The Dems True Agenda

Mike Huckabee is a very good commentator for conservatives. He has absolutely called out the left on numerous occasions. Well, he just called out the liberals yesterday and it was awesome.

With all the non-stop lies about the President and his administration, Huckabee came out after the liberals and their true purpose.

He’s a lot like his daughter, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Mike Huckabee can see all the way through the liberal media lies.

After Sean Hannity asked him one question, the video below shows how Huckabee feels about the nonsense from the left.

Huckabee starts out by pointing out how the media ignores most of President Trump’s accomplishments, and they spin the rest into making him look bad. Then, he revealed exactly why they are so corrupt and it made Hannity’s jaw DROP!

The former governor said that the biased media is no longer biased, they’re just simply corrupt.

He also stated that the Democrats agree with the media’s hatred for President Trump. Mostly, the Democrats are terrified of a successful Trump presidency.

“If Donald Trump ran into a burning building and ran out fo that burning building and saved them, the New York Times headline would read “Donald Trump Runs From Historic Structure As It Burns To The Ground.”

That’s a rather astute observation or maybe it’s clear to see, but the liberals are scared of a successful Republican presidency because they can’t regain the majority again.

The media is pushing their claws into the impressionable viewers and simply twisting their views by putting malicious words in a story about Trump. It could be a good story, but they would use negative adjectives to pain an evil picture of Trump.

What do you think of Huckabee’s analysis of the left wing media?

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