IMPEACH MAXINE WATERS Signs Appearing Throughout California!

Crazy Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters is getting a dose of her own medicine, at town halls and streets throughout California signs are appearing calling for her impeachment…

The Blaze reported:

But the liberal darling known as “Auntie Maxine” received a dose of her own impeachment medicine over the weekend after signs calling for her impeachment appeared in the Los Angeles area, where her congressional district is located.

The signs appeared outside a town hall in the Inglewood neighborhood, according to KCBS-TV, which described the signs as “unflattering and racist.”

Some of the signs mocked Waters while others stated facts about the political positions she holds.

One sign read in big letters, “IMPEACH MAXINE WATERS,” while noting that she’s a “race baiter,” “old & out of touch” and a “poverty pimp.”

The signs about Maxine Waters are accurate, what exactly has she done?

A lot of people know who she is only because she runs around screaming for Trump to be impeached on a near daily basis.

What a clown!