Huge Revelation About Special Counsel Mueller’s Past

Let us get right to it then.

Below we’ve listed some of the welcoming remarks special counsel Robert Mueller received upon being selected to oversee the Russia investigation.

“A great choice for special counsel.”– Republican Senator John McCain.

“Exactly the right kind of individual to serve as a special counsel in the Russia investigation.”– Sen. Chuck Schumer.

“Somebody we all trust.”– GOP Congressman Darrell Issa.

“A good first step.”– Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

“I welcome his role at Department of Justice.”– House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“Mueller is a great selection. Impeccable credentials. Should be widely accepted.”– Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

Due to the sly hypocrisy of former FBI Director James Comey, an associate of Mueller’s, the praised independent investigator has been appointed by both parties in the same role of Watergate special counsel John A Doar.

Doug Ross @ Journal, however, tries to convince us that Robert Mueller is far from an impartial and objective appointment to supervise the false Russia narrative and everybody and everything it encompasses.

What made Ross be so doubtful? Well, you recall the anthrax attack on the Capitol in 2001? Ross remembers it quite well.

’In 2004,’ retired Foreign Service officer and intelligence analyst Kenneth J. Dillon tells Accuracy in Media (AIM), ‘the FBI learned that the anthrax mailer was an al-Qaeda operative. Under White House pressure, Mueller suppressed this finding and continued to hunt for a domestic suspect. When scientist Bruce Ivins committed suicide in 2008, Mueller blamed him for the mailings, then lied to a Senate committee about it.’”

Bruce Ivins was proven innocent after his death so Robert Mueller took down yet another innocent scientist, Dr. Steven Hatfill, pushing him out of two desirable positions and completely shattering his career in doing so.

“At one point, the FBI claimed to have fished a piece of Hatfill’s lab equipment, supposedly an anthrax weapons device, out of a pond. The FBI spent $250,000 to drain the pond but found no evidence of anthrax in it. The device was a minnow bucket.”

The Russia investigation is just another futile attempt to tarnish the Trump administration. We all know how this one will turn out.

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  1. He needs to be a man and stand up and tell the truth that he and COMEY are great friends he can not be unbias toward President Trump not a DEMocrat alive that is honest and Unbias .

  2. Everyone swore Comey was upright and ethical. Where is Comey now? And for…? Dince whe …? Since Bill Clinton, Comey has criminally colluded in crimes.

    The same will happen with Mueller. He must RECUSE himself, and so should his team for various long standing conflicts of interest.

    Yes, investigate the democrats for their crimes, but with a different Special Counsel.

    Mueller he will not seriously prosecute his own.

  3. They have lied and stole taxpayer money and lied about anything to get it—-they only know how to lie and would not know the TRUTH if it was right in front of them===========