President Trump Makes First Legal Move In War Against Democrats

On Thursday, President Donald Trump initiated his legal war with Democrats, meeting with lawyers to discuss the upcoming investigations into allegations that Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia.

Washington Examiner reports:

A White House official told Politico that the majority of the conversation revolved around logistics of how the investigation would play out and how the administration should handle itself throughout.

The meeting took place one day after the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to lead the Trump-Russia probe.

Michael Cohen, a high-profile lawyer for Trump, reportedly made the trip from New York to be in attendance.

The specific objective of the meeting was to keep the president from hurting himself any further. One official said White House counsel Don McGahn was urging the White House to be careful when speaking to Mueller.

Trump has continued to fight against claims that his presidential campaign colluded with Russia.

“There was no collusion, and everybody — even my enemies have said there is no collusion,” the president said on Thursday during a joint press conference with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia.

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h/t Truth Division


  1. The sadness of this is…the war is unnecessary…if people would realize that their opinion is not the only one that matters. I did not vote for Obama, either time, but I didn’t lose my self respect over the fact that he was elected. When Presidents are elected, they are, for the most part, left alone to do their jobs. The entire Trump family has been harassed, abused, taunted, slandered, and he and his family have still managed to maintain a normal productive life. Kudos to the Trump family.

  2. My heart goes out to the Trump family. Never in history has any of our presidents been wrongly mistreated. America has spoken. We who voted this man in our highest office WILL FIGHT ALL WHO TRY TO FORCE HIM OUT. ALL YOU Liberal socialist, Soros, Sanders, all your dirty money can’t buy good decent people who know what all you do. You will face God Almighty soon. You will give an account of all your evilness you’ve done. It’s easy for all you demons to gloat now but the fear your going to have is such you will never be able to run and hide from. He sees and knows even your thoughts. God put Trump in office.

    • For the first time I can ever remember, President Trump’s election has brought to light just how corrupt the US Government officials are and even who the “Deep State” Operatives are and in both parties. That in itself is a great accomplishment i.e. bringing to light the corruption of our government and who the actors are!

  3. As I see it the media keep pushing this crap well I understand that the media is pay off by every liberal jack ass but the day after trump won our flunkie want to be president and her campaign manager Podesta plan all this crap. How about checking this deal with the uranium or all the money taken by Hillary from foreign countries and that is in legal according to the constitution and let’s check all those crooks poleticians with all kind of law braking rules. And also let’s get the media with all kind of defamation of character and making false stamens and accusations against inocent people is time to start putting this people in jail or given big fines. And by the way is olso time to change the rules with this politicians once the get elected to start doing the job instead of wasting our tax dollars this politicians are stealing from us the tax payers is this idiots don’t work they don’t get pay enough is enough.

  4. God bless and keep our President Trump safe from the EVIL that is attacking him! This is what it is! EVIL! Surround him with angelic protection, dear God. Bless President Trump with love, faith, and a hedge of holy protection.
    Join me, America! Join me in Prayer for our President!

  5. We have your back president, you are doing a great job just keep up the good work, you are making the country better in such a short period of time. The country is divided but it certainly is not your fault the games the democrats are playing is so embarrassing, we can only pray they will learn how to be kind, treat people with respect, and act like adults.