Trey Gowdy To Replace Chaffetz As Oversight Chief

Republican Congressman from South Carolina Trey Gowdy is allegedly thinking about climbing up on the Congressional ladder.

According to The Daily Caller, the Congressman considers to run for the position of chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Government Reform, replacing the sitting chairman, Jason Chaffetz whose tenure ends in June.

One official who talked with the Daily Caller said, “Rep. Gowdy is talking to members in the conference about the qualities they believe are most important for the next Chairman to possess.”

According to another reportby the Washington Free Beacon, the South Carolina representative has lobbied his colleague Representatives in order to garner support and has reportedly received a resounding support from Republican leaders.

As a chairperson of the committee, Trey will have immediate influence in shaping how the House carried out the oversight of the executive branch and will oversee the proves into numerous misleading controversies that have surrounded President Trump.

As the Free Beacon reported, the new role came as an option for the Congressman following Gowdy’s refusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ request to replace James Comey as the director of the FBI.

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