BREAKING: Top Democrat Got Prosecuted

Democrats have always been quick to condemn the GOP of being a deceitful party, something that has never formally been confirmed.

The Democrats’ efforts to smear and undermine the new Republican administration has backfired on them and they have, in the past several months, been caught up in numerous serious scandals. Democrats are already collapsing, and eventually, everyone that had to do with something illegal will fall into place. The latest Democrat to meet this fate is Democratic Member of Congress from Florida, Corrine Brown.


Brown is now officially going behind bars after she was charged with fraud. Corrine still seems puzzled with the outcome of the situation and does not seem to realize the gravity of the issue. Democrats will rue the day Obama made them feel invincible in the face of the law. Nobody should be so insolent and brazen in their crimes.

They noted that “due to her due diligence and getting the funding to build this wonderful new facility that will be here for the next 40 years, they decided to name the facility after her.”

 “The City Commission is aware of the court findings last week,” they added, “and we are awaiting direction from them on the facility name.”

Corrine has dismissed all charges against her explaining, “I’m really happy that I can now at least thank the community for standing by me. I am innocent. Everything is as normal as it can be. The last 15 months have been very difficult. It’s been a very difficult time in my life. I’m looking forward, as my pastor says, to the next phase of my life. This is not the end.”

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