The Democrats have found themselves in yet another major scandal after Janet Napolitano, who served as Secretary of Homeland Security under Barack Obama, was caught committing monetary theft as she funneled $175 million into a secret account.

Fox News reported that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra suggested this week that he would not independently investigate University of California, which Napolitano is currently president of, after a state audit revealed what she was doing.

“I think it is appropriate for the State Legislature to closely examine the audit … I believe the president of the UC system will continue to come forward with information; I think we have to get to the bottom of this,” he said.

The audit exposed a hidden reserve that had been growing thanks to Napolitano’s office overestimating the 10-campus university system’s needs. This week, Republican members of the Assembly sent a letter to Rendon calling for a subpoena of documents relating to the audit.

“We believe this is not a partisan or political issue, but an issue of trust in our institutions,” the letter read.

“We should not fear the truth, in fact I believe it is one of our key roles on behalf of our constituents to seek it out zealously,” Republican Assemblyman Dante Acosta told reporters. “The legislature has the power to issue a subpoena, and my Republican colleagues and I are urging the Speaker to take this necessary step to bring transparency to the UC Office of the President. California’s students, parents, and taxpayers deserve answers.”

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