Tom Brokaw Blows Up At MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell For Reporting Her Own Speculations

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was sharing her latest theory on President Trump like it was news and asked for Tom Brokaw’s opinion. He completely shut her down and taught her what a journalist is supposed to do. She was comparing President Trump firing James Comey to Nixon’s scandal.

“One of the things that I learned during Watergate … is that we dealt with it every day on a factual basis. There was not a lot of speculation. Now, of course, the media landscape has changed a lot, and we have that going on 24/7,” said Brokaw. Wow!

“I do think, however, that all of us as reporters, have to take a deep breath and say let’s deal with the facts as we know them at this point,” said Brokaw.

“Having said that, there are a lot of elements here that desperately need more explanation, more investigation. I haven’t run into anybody yet who thinks that Jim Comey was doing a good job as the FBI director, beginning last summer,” said Brokaw.

“And then as you’ll remember, Hillary Clinton and others in the Democratic Party all but blamed him for her loss. Now they’re defending him as the champion. So there’s a lot of confusion going on here. Our obligation I think is to sort it out, truth from fact, and deal with the truth,” said Brokaw. Awesome. Check out the video below.