Susan Rice Asks For Immunity To Expose Obama’s Secrets

Merely a couple of days after FBI Director James Comey was let go, Barack Obama went into panic mode upon receiving the news that lawyers for one more former official in his administration declared that they want protection for their client.

Susan Rice, Obama’s former National Security Advisor, has stated that she is willing to testify only if provided with immunity. Her lawyers have informed the FBI that she will reveal them every single detail about Obama’s secret activities if she guaranteed not face prosecution herself.

This indeed is a surprise, as Rice irrevocably refused testifying before the Senate throughout their investigation into the Russian hacking conspiracy theory. She also attempted to clear her own name by giving supposedly honest answers on interviews with “serious” journalists. Nevertheless, all she achieved by these interviews was disclosing herself as a uncontrollable liar.

If Rice does testify, she could possible implicate certain people like Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and the biggest villain of all, Obama of course.

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h/t ConsPatriot