Obama’s Plan To Destroy America Is EXPOSED By Ex-CIA Official

The era of Obama placed our country years back, and we are more in danger now than before due to Obama’s unsuccessful policies and Islamic acceptance. How did we even pull through?

An ex – CIA employee uncovered Obama’s secret plan. Clare M. Lopez has exposed that Obama had employed radical Islam sympathizers to his intel agencies. Wow, what a shame!

We have to hold the previous administration responsible for their actions. Obama eroded our worldwide war with terrorism – he even made arrangements with terrorists.

Following all of the under-reported controversies and questionable dealings, we are happy that our country is still untouched. Trump must dismiss these state officials.

The deep state and Obama holdovers have been exposing confidential information to the media. It is practically like we are currently in a tv show. A political crime drama, to be precise. All of a sudden those “wacky” conspiracy theorists look a lot less ridiculous.

When is the Obama administration going to be held responsible for their sketchy dealings? Obama has split our country apart and even severely went after anti-American policies.

Mainly because of Obama, our international security has been destabilized. We were once highly regarded and feared, but after Obama’s well-known apology tour, we were the joke of the world. Thank heavens we chose Donald Trump to sail the ship.

Having Donald Trump in office, who will help us drain the swamp and get rid of Obama’s leftovers. We desire a government managed by elected officials, not some sketchy shadow government. We don’t need Obama meddling, pulling the strings, like the “Wizard of OZ.”

Trump will drain the swamp, and then we will have the opportunity to once more count on a reduced and more efficient government. We will never permit corrupt bureaucrats to overthrow our president.

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