Mike Pence Fights Back The Lying Mainstream Media

The mainstream media has officially gone insane this week. They have been spreading lies and even calling for President Trump’s impeachment.

President Trump’s enemies in his own party are teaming up with the media and calling for his impeachment to make Mike Pence President. Well, Mike Pence just sent these Traitors their WORST nightmare!

Mike Pence posted this message on Facebook not only supporting Trump but calling for Trump supporters to join them “in the trenches” and to “Fight Back.” Look at Pence’s Message and SHARE on Facebook so we can make this go viral.

Do you stand with President Trump and Mike Pence? Fight back against the media by sharing Pence’s message! We need to show them that they can’t take us down! WATCH Mike Pence stand beside Trump give the best speech ever to our nation’s brave police officer’s in Washington DC.

h/t Subject Politics


  1. Rump and Pence we all have your back’s. 100 Percent. The Corrupted Dems’s and Republican back Stabbers get move aside because the Trump Pence Deplorable’s are here and ready to hold our position. You don’t like Our President, then you need to get Movin on, don’t let the door hit you on your why back to Iran. Perfect Country for Bias Bigots, Corrupt Politicians. NOW BACK OFF !!!!