Melania Just Got UNEXPECTED Gift From Muslims In Saudi Arabia

If there is one thing that caught the attention of headlines across the world – it was the decision of the U.S. first lady Melania Trump to visit Saudi Arabia with her husband, without covering her head. This, of course, sparked up many in the kingdom to take it on social media and comment on her elegant conservative look.

While the gorgeous Melania arrived in the Saudi capital of Riyadh in a stunning Stella McCartney jumpsuit, it was the statement belt she topped off her look with which caught the eye of millions.

On top of that, many Saudis appreciated Melania’s look and considered to be modest, yet still classy, suiting the first lady’s well-known mixture of modern style and elegance.

But perhaps the most interesting thing to see since the moment Melania got off Air Force One, Saudi women began posting images of themselves wearing “Melania-style” abayas.

The best thing about the whole situation is that the Arab News Media is generating lots of buzz around Melania being a far better first lady than Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Not only are the people and the media throwing a truckload of compliments at her for her beauty and modest nature, but also for how polite she is.

All in all, it is safe to say that in the U.S. we have freedom of expression which defines our culture, and allowing someone to change that, especially another country, would be a slap in the face of everything America stands for.

We are especially glad to have two of the most inspirational ladies run the White House, as both Melania and Ivanka, are examples of freedom, boldness, and independence while acting on before of the U.S.

Let’s spread the word to give them all the support they deserve!


  1. It’s amusing to realize that so many famous designers, as an insult to our new First Lady, REFUSED
    to design the wardrobes of Melania Trump. That was a very petty, stupid mistake!!! Without their help, Melania is becoming an international fashion icon! Her outfits are being copied, women are trying to imitate her style, and even the Saudi men are discussing her beauty, her quiet demeanor,
    and her beautiful fashion sense and lovely taste. Hopefully, those pompous designers who snubbed
    Melania, are eating their hearts out now!!!!!