Melania Refuses To Act Upon Muslim Oppression

First Lady Melania Trump has been the in news a lot lately. Whether it is for her amazingly beautiful outfits or the way she interacts with children, people love her. She is far and away a more effective First Lady that Michelle Obama could have ever dreamed of. Her class is leaps and bounds above the rest.

However, the biggest thing she did was something outside of the United States. Where Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama crumbled under the pressure, Melania Trump stood strong. Many around the country think that she has been doing a horrible job so far, which is absolutely ridiculous.

For starters, Melania became the First Lady with no prior knowledge on how the role would be. She is not some life long politician or lawyer who has been around Washington DC for all her life. She is starting to really get comfortable in the position and it shows.

Attacks from the left are a vain attempt to scare her. Take for instance, Melania’s decision not to wear a headscarf during her visit to Saudi Arabia. This left many liberals in the United States shocked. Why? They do not want to see a women stand up for herself in an oppressive country like Saudi Arabia.

Melania stood strong and did what she was comfortable doing. Michelle and Hillary both decided to wear the scarves when they went inside a mosque.

This just goes to prove that Melania has a mind of her own, and will not give into silly demands by the left. As it turns out, Saudi Arabia was more than happy to have her in their country. She did wear a suit that covered her arms and legs as a gesture to their customs.

This is proof that you can agree with their customs and have your own wishes at the same time