Jesse Watters Just BACKED UP Trump With HUGE Sentence

Jesse Watters continues to be the voice of reason, dismantling Democrat talking points with his typical witty sense of humor.

On the latest supplement of the Fox News roundtable talk show The Five, Jesse Watters embarrassed the Democrats by stating the “only thing Trump has obstructed is Hillary moving into the White House.”

In addition, in the brief segment, Watters talks more detail regarding the reason why the recent impeachment story is untrue.

The liberal media have gotten themselves into a fire after the New York Times informed about the details of the secret journal of the ex – FBI chief often referred to as the “Comey Memo.”

The Comey memos are the private journal of James Comey. After having a meeting with President Trump, Comey would document the specifics of the meetings in his journal to afterward discuss with his colleagues.

As reported by the New York Times, and similar liberal trash following in their footsteps, one particular meeting between Comey and the President in February concluded with President Trump “obstructing justice” by requesting Comey not to look into General Michael Flynn.

Nevertheless, the information of the documents has not been verified. Even the New York Times journalist who covered the story has never looked at any of the memos.

Even if the New York Times’ report is actually accurate – and, to be rational, the New York Times can no longer earn our trust – it would not be accounted as a crime. The president did not make any threats James Comey. Even Comey confessed no crime was committed when he spoke before the Senate on May 8th, the day prior to getting fired.

The popular media despises President Trump since he ashamed them and exposed them for the scammers that they happen to be.

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