Ivanka Trump Will Keep A Close Eye On Obama For The Next Four Years…

For the past eight very long years, President Obama and his family have been destroying our country, and with it, draining all of our nation’s resources on their numerous assistants, expensive vacations, and just basically trying to stay in the spotlight.

Past Conservative presidents such as George W. Bush moved post-Presidency back to his ranch in his home state of Texas, but Barack Obama doesn’t plan on leaving Washington, D.C. In fact, Obama has even bought a house in the city for when he’s given his eviction notice from the White House. Well, Ivanka Trump has some news for Obama that he certainly won’t like hearing.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner will soon also be living in Washington, D.C. According to The Washingtonian, Ivanka and Jared have either bought or will be leasing a house in the prestigious Kalorama neighborhood…the same neighborhood that Obama bought his new house in!

In fact, Ivanka and Jared’s new house at 2449 Tracy Place NW is less than two blocks away from Barack’s future home. Barack has stated his intentions of remaining active in Washington politics in an attempt to cut Ivanka’s father down to size when he succeeds Obama.

Well, Ivanka’s clever, savvy move will clearly cut Barack down to size. Someone in the Trump administration had better keep a close eye on Barack Obama for the next four years, and who better than Ivanka? How much do you love Ivanka for sticking it to the Obamas like this?


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