What Was Just Found At The Border Is Downright HORRIFYING

The only reason why so many people are fooled into believing that illegal aliens don’t commit any crimes and sit on their butts peacefully is because the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to hide the fact that these people are savages. And despite a number of cases of horrific crimes conducted by illegals, liberals still call on Trump to open our borders, but you won’t be hearing this recent news from CNN…

According to reports, Border Patrol officials discovered 1,100 pounds of marijuana shipped from Mexico, in the spare tire compartment of new Ford Fusions. The drugs were recovered from 22 vehicles, and most of them traveled north on the same train car.

U.S. authorities were immediately contacted by a Burlington Northern Santé Fe railroad contractor, after finding the drugs while inspecting the Fusions before loading them onto a transport headed to dealerships.

According to a statement released earlier by the Dilworth Police Department, on Friday, March 10 at approximately 10 am Dilworth Police receive a call that narcotics have been discovered at the Dilworth Auto Yard. The statement went on to explain that several large packages located in new vehicle spare wheel parts were discovered by officers, and along with help from Clay County as well as Moorhead K9 units, a few more vehicles were identified and a search warrant was obtained for further investigation.

A large quantity of marijuana packaged in the trunk of seven vehicles where the spare wheels should have been being removed by Dilworth and BNSF Police. This was later broken into 14 separate packages which contained 217 pounds of Marijuana, worth over $272,000.

The statement ended saying that the investigation is still undergoing and that more details will follow shortly.

Remember this the next time liberals and their mainstream media try to paint a picture and fool the people, making them think that the illegals are here for good!