VIDEO : 7 Year Old Syrian Girl Thanks Trump for Taking Action

A 7 year old Syrian girl who has become a social media sensation thanked President Trump for taking action with U.S airstrikes.

She tweeted “I am a Syrian child who suffered under Bahar al Asad & Putin. I welcome Donald Trump action against the killers of my people.”

From FoxNews

Alabed drew worldwide attention last year when her tweets detailing her life while living in East Aleppo went viral. With the help of her mother, she posted photos and videos showing the devastation she experienced, often updating her followers on if she was still alive.

Last December, Alabed was feared dead when her Twitter account was deleted and went silent on social media.

It was later confirmed she and her mother were evacuated from Aleppo and relocated to Turkey.

3 days earlier, Bana released a video, asking world leader to help along with the message

This is my message to the leaders of the world: it’s never too late. Save the people of Syria now.

Watch the video:

It is interesting that when in the past Bana was critical of Trump because she felt he should be doing more for Syrians, the Mainstream Media covered her every move and wrote about her incessantly.

When Bana thanked President Trump, all that interest in covering her went away.

The liberal media is truly sinister.