Trump Responds To Putin With Show Of Force

President Donald Trump has a lot to deal with right now. Putin and Russia have just made it even more difficult as Putin just sent two Russian bombers to fly near the Alaskan coast. This is a very close call and Russia should be very careful making this type of move. President Trump is a lot different from former President Barack Hussein Obama as he will not take this kind of direct threat from any country. He has already made that more than clear.

What makes this threat even worse is that it is now looking like these planes were capable of dropping nuclear bombs on the United States from their position over Alaska. Maybe Putin was trying to send a message to Trump, but it looks more like a direct threat than anything else. It is clear that relations between the two countries are at an all time low.

The Tu-95 bombers from Russia flew 280 miles from the Elmendorf Air Force Base. Putin cannot get away with things like this and Donald Trump won’t let him. The president has already sent out reinforcements of his own and they came with a threat.

Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and said that these flights were meant to “test their forces.”

“This was a show of force by the Russians to show us that they are still here,” he stated with doing the interview. Russia knows better than to pull something like his, especially at a time like this between our countries. He went on to say that “an attempt to come up as close as they could to our international borders to see what their reactions would be.”

President Donald Trump has some work to do with Russia, and hopefully he does it fast.

Are you guys okay with this?