Ruth Bader Ginsburg Part Of Deal?

One of the most amazing aspects of Trump’s presidency is his flexibility. It’s not a new trick – Ronald Reagan was famous for keeping his enemies, both foreign and domestic, off-balance by never really knowing what he would do next.

Trump is following that playbook masterfully. The press can’t keep it all straight. They run around in circles like Rachel Maddow did with his taxes, refusing to admit they are getting played for the fools they are.

It is a beautiful thing to watch. Now he is getting ready to make a massive deal that will probably enrage everyone. Which is never a bad thing.

According to close Trump friend Chris Ruddy (owner of Newsmax) Trump may make a deal to shut up the democrats and get rid of ultra liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the same time.

Ruddy said,

“I think they made a big mistake by pulling the nuclear option. I wrote about it. I said they should not have done it. I think that he still should pick Merrick Garland and do a deal. Ruth Bader Ginsburg wants to retire, and I think they should swap her out, give her an offer where they would put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court.”

“They would remove a very liberal Democrat with a moderate, consensus Democrat, who I think Garland is,” Ruddy added. “And I think it would be a huge move and a sign for Trump that he’s willing to break through the political ice.”

Now we don’t know if this is true but I am for whatever it takes to get Ginsburg off the court. If the price is a moderate democrat to replace her the balance is still shifted to the right.

That said, if Ginsburg cannot continue – she has numerous rumored health problems – Trump will pick a more conservative judge to replace her.

It all comes down to two things – how long can Ginsburg hang on. And does Trump just want her off the court now so his agenda will easily sail through any court challenges?

She can block some things, not all, and most agree Garland would be way better than Ginsburg. It seems if Trump wants to make a deal there may be room to operate.

This is an interesting development and I trust Trump to get us a great deal either way. Do you think Trump should make this deal?