President Trump Was Crystal Clear With Xi Jinping

President Donald Trump had a full week agenda.

We all heard that last night he ordered the bombing of a Syrian base with 59 Tomahawk missiles but in that shadow, we did not notice one amazing thing President Trump did with the Chinese President Xi Jinping at the same time.

He made a trip with the Chinese President to Mar-a-Lago for this weekend. What was really important is the happening that occurred during the dinner the two presidents had together.

The public probably asks, ”What is the big deal?” Well, it goes like this.

President Donald Trump was crystal clear to China that he is not going to let them get away with messing us on trade issues. Also he pointed that he will not let China take our business any more.

Another important thing was that Trump called the Taiwanese President after this.

He even said that he intends to deal with North Korea with or without China’s help. Trump does not tolerate any anti-American policies by anyone.

Only the facts that our President can fly across the world, have a meeting with few important people and gives his positions in protecting our interest is amazing!

But we elected our president for this. Trump is all about work. He already fulfilled more campaign promises than any president we had in such a short amount of time. However, the liberal media is nowhere to cover these happenings, but that is not important since he has the support of the majority of people. With us on his side, there is nothing that Trump can not do.

Thank you, President Trump, you just showed everyone that you are worthy to be our president. A man with extraordinary negotiating skills and a true leader. We the people, are with you.

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