Now We Know Where Syria Got Nerve Gas, Hillary Involvement CONFIRMED

Crooked Hillary has done a lot of terrible things in her life, but now we know just how far she’s willing to go to ruin America — and the world.

According to Seymour Hersh, investigative journalist, Barack Obama consistently lied about EVERYTHING involving Syria, for the past eight years. And, in fact, was covering up a major error Hillary Clinton made while she was secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton made the choice to collect Libyan weapons of mass destruction and send them to Syria. In other words: Hillary is directly responsible for Syria having sarin gas in their country. (via Strategic Culture).

This plan was part of Barack Obama’s obsession to replace President Assad in Syria. His long-standing desire for a regime change led him to give the nod to Hillary in regard to the sarin gas.

The plan was basically to frame President Assad — by planting gas-based weaponry in his country, knowing he would eventually use it, and break the international ban. Hillary, warmonger that she is, WANTED to start an unending battle between the country and the United States.

This, of course, leads back to Hillary’s desire to go to war with Russia, as Russia is currently allied with Syria. An attack on Syria would undoubtedly cause President Putin of Russia to retaliate against the United States.

Hillary was a treasonous liar and a secret keeper about many things, but, even during her campaign, she couldn’t keep her lust for war with Russia to herself. We the People have known for months now that she was itching to start a fight, at any cost, and justify it with ANY flimsy excuse.

Russian “hacking” was just Plan B after her initial plan of framing Syria’s president seemingly failed. Yet, her ultimate goal has always remained the same.

Of course, former president Barack Obama knew this all along. According to Hersh: “There’s no way somebody in that sensitive of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel.”

Naturally, Seymour Hersh had to report these findings via alternative media. As did Christof Lehmann, who had similar findings. Both had gone directly to the mainstream media when they made their horrific discoveries, but no press would publish what they’d found. It didn’t fit the liberal narrative.

No mainstream media outlet would touch this story. It would RUIN the Democrats for years! If the American public knew that the United States president and his secretary of state were in cahoots to frame a foreign leader — by giving him dangerous chemical weapons — then the public would be in an outrage. And rightfully so!