Right After Mike Pence Walked Up To The North Korean Border, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

We finally have a Vice President and President that have guts to stand up for the people of this country.

Mike Pence just did what no President or Vice President has ever done. While visiting the North Korean border, he broke protocol and walked all the way up to the border.

As you’ll see in the video, he was told to stay inside but he wanted to go out and face down the North Korean troops face to face.

The North Korean Troops walked up to him and started taking pictures, presumably to show Kim Jong Un.

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MIKE PENCE WON’T BACK DOWN! This comes just days after North Korea threatened to NUKE the United States. Mike Pence also gave a speech this morning and issued this DIRE warning to North Korea. He said, “The Era of Strategic Patience is Over…All Options are on the table.”

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