Leaked Email Ties Soros To Bill O’Reilly Firing

After their November 2016 shellacking, the Left’s tactic now appears to be the systematic defeat of all strong conservative voices. Hence, the whole “fake news” hysteria is simply a way to strengthen Democratic information control.

The other day, the Left got a huge scalp in the shape of Bill O’Reilly. Apparently, the Fox News anchor got the axe as a result of numerous sexual harassment allegations lobbied against him. Nevertheless, a recently unveiled memo from Bonner Group, a left-wing super PAC with direct connections to George Soros, shows that O’Reilly’s scandal may have been a meer excuse to get the famous commentator off of the air, from the Gateway Pundit.

In the leaked email, it’s not O’Reilly’s probable sexual indiscretions that are pointed out first.

The Bonner Group and Soros’ Media Matters basically drove the new anchor out due to the fact that he “…has been one of the worst purveyors of misinformation on Fox News.” The email additionally states that O’Reilly is a “serial misinformer, pushing many of the most extreme, sexist, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic conservative theories on TV…”

In essence, the Communist puppet master Soros needed O’Reilly out since he refused to parrot the policy lines and the general worldview of the globalist, neoliberal plan.

In the instant aftermath of O’Reilly’s dismissal, the news behemoth declared that his 8 p.m. spot would be taken by Tucker Carlson, via Breitbart.

O’Reilly’s story should be a wake-up call for the Right: don’t protect the free speech rights of those who do not value yours. We ought to take a page out of the Left’s playbook through denying them the right to speak, the right to protest, and the right to proselytize on our college campuses.

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