CNN’s Kirsten Powers Accuses O’Reilly Of Sexual Harassment, But Look What She Said Three Years Ago…

Millions of Fox News fans were devastated on Wednesday when Bill O’Reilly was abruptly fired from Fox News after numerous sexual harassment claims against him were leaked to the public. The next day, CNN’s Kirsten Powers came forward to claim that she too was harassed by O’Reilly.

However, Powers was singing a very different tune about sexual harassment back in 2014…

“I was thinking about an incident that had happened early on in my career there where I was on-air there with Margaret Hoover, who’s at CNN now, on a regular segment, we were on every Monday,” Powers said yesterday, according to Young Conservatives. “And he got Margaret’s name wrong, and Margaret said, ‘Hey, get my name right,’ and he said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, there’s a lot of blondes in this operation, I can’t keep you all straight. Megyn Kelly’s coming up,’ starts throwing all these blondes’ names.”

“And at the end of the segment, says, ‘Thank you for your blondeness,’ to both of us,” she added.

Back in 2014, however, Powers responded to a charge from Marie Harf, a Obama White House spokesperson at the time, that O’Reilly was a sexist.

“Sexism is a serious problem and a serious accusation,” Powers wrote for USA Today. “It’s true there are many people who dismiss women as unserious and out of their depth not because they are, but because they are women. Bill O’Reilly isn’t one of them.”

“I know,” she added. “As a Fox News contributor, I’ve worked with him for eight years, including weekly segments where we often disagree heatedly. O’Reilly does not discriminate when it comes to expressing tough judgments. Anyone with a passing familiarity with his work knows this, which is what makes Harf’s accusation so irresponsible.”

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