China Sends 150,000 Troops To North Korean Border

North Korea will have to learn its lesson the hard way. Kim Jong-Un picked the wrong tool to provoke President Donald Trump, and now he seems to count the last days of his leadership. How will he react to China’s decision to support President Trump?

Sources say that 150,000 Chinese troops are heading to the border with North Korea, and the whole thing looks like a huge military construction. Now the world knows that China and the US will work together on “mending the damage” before it’s too late.

Chosun, the Korean news agency, confirmed that around 150,000 troops have moved to the border of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea. This seems quite scary and even shocking, but tough problems require tough solutions, and that’s exactly what President Trump has on his mind.

Chosun also wrote how the Chinese army gave full support to the United States, and “deployed about 150,000 troops in two groups.”

This pretty much resembles the situation in Syria, and the air raid against Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian dictator dared to threaten and even killed innocent children, and the President decided to teach him one of the toughest lessons in his life. Maybe he will understand it after all.

As the Korean newspaper wrote, there will be medical and backup support for North Korean refugees. This happened almost immediately after the USS Carl Vinson strike group headed to the Korean Peninsula.

Is Kim Jong-Un already doomed? We think so.

It seems like President Donald Trump and the Chinese president were pretty busy discussing over the possible solutions to the Korean issue, and they finally came up with a tough strategy.

What do you think about this? Do you think North Korea will back up? What will happen next? Will the situation get out of control?


  1. The liberals have been nit-picking Trump for using his Mar-a-Lago home, and costing the taxpayers
    for entertaining outside the WH; however, it was the Chinese President and his wife who got to know the Trump’s, and forged a friendly bond between them at Mar-a-Lago in an informal atmosphere.
    Now it is that Chinese President who is backing Trump with the North Koreans, and has already sent
    150,000 troops to the N. Korean border as a show of force, plus he is showing the Koreans that
    China supports Trump!!! The liberals need to shut up, respect Trump’s ability to negotiate with
    other leaders without their stupid interference! He didn’t become a Billionaire by being a fool!!!! America is becoming greater and greater!!! You go, Trump!