Wikileaks Catches Comey Lying To Congress

On today’s hearing, James Comey the FBI Director managed to answer the majority of questions he was asked.

He tried to disclose all doubts and speculations about the former president Barack Obama, Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn, but however, he didn’t want to fully reveal the truth about the claims of Republican emails. He indeed answered most of the things, but avoided to tell the truth about the releases of the Republican emails.

He said that, as it was read in their report, “there were efforts to penetrate organizations associated with the Republican Party and then… I guess we said it in the report, there were not releases of material taken hacked from any Republican associated organizations.”

Mr. Stefanik said that either way, the hacking he is talking about has been done to both parties, on what he responded with “Correct.” However, Wikileaks tweeted the video and posted a link of the proof.

It’s just super unprofessional to go to Congress and lie. Not only he lied to Congress, but he also did that to the public. Something smells fishy here, and he is probably hiding something, but thanks to Wikileaks, we know the truth.

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