Neil Gorsuch Just SILENCED The Entire Room With A Response NO ONE Ever Expected!

It’s day three of the Gorsuch nomination hearings and Democrats have tried their best to sabotage him. So far, Gorsuch has addressed their questions with humility, truth, and intelligence.

Even though the hearing was tense at times, there was a moment that even had Democrats choked up and teary eyed.  It happened when Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse’s questioned Gorsuch about how, when he eventually retires, he will know if he was a good judge.

Gorsuch answered the thoughtful question with a response that silenced the entire room…

“And people want to be remembered for the kindnesses they showed other people, by and large. What I try to point out is, it’s not how big your bank account balance is, nobody ever puts that in their draft obituary, or that they billed the most hours, or that they won the most cases. It’s how they treated other people along the way.

And for me, it’s the words I read yesterday from Increase Sumner’s tombstone. And that means as a person, I’d like to be remembered as a good dad, a good husband, kind and mild in private life, dignified and firm in public life. And I have no illusions that I’ll be remembered for very long. If Byron White is as nearly forgotten as he is now, as he said he would be, I have no illusions, I won’t last five minutes; that’s as it should be.

The great joy in life, Shaw said, is devoting yourself to a cause you deem mighty before you are thrown on the scrap heap. An independent judiciary in this country, I can carry that baton for as long as I can carry it, and I have no illusions i’m going to last as long as you suggest, and that’ll be good enough for me.”

It’s clear that our president could not have picked a better man for this job. God bless Neil Gorsuch on his journey in becoming our next United States Supreme Court Justice.