Jeff Sessions Drops Major Bombshell

Jeff Sessions has been a frequent target of the left. They follow a set of pre-ordained facts to reach conclusions that fit the narrative want. The only narrative they will accept. That’s how they close their minds to new ideas.

Sometimes they can get shaken up and new ideas are they are forced to consider new realities. Jeff Sessions did just that recently. And liberals immediately jumped all over him. Crying foul and making up claims about Jeff that are not true.

Jeff Sessions told conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt that he is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate the Department of Justice under the Obama administration.

That means you Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Both were involved in major high profile scandals during their time in office. Holder resigned after perjuring himself. Lynch recused herself after she got caught secretly meeting with Bill Clinton.

Sessions told Hewitt,

“Well, I’m going to do everything I possibly can to restore the independence and professionalism of the Department of Justice. So we’ll have to consider whether or not some outside counsel is needed. Generally, a good review of that internally is the first step before any such decision is made.”

There is much to investigate with Obama’s Justice Department. That said, we still have to fix the mess left behind. It becomes a question of resources, but Trump is a master at getting more from less so it’s possible he can pull off both.