Trump-Hating Secret Service Agent Gets Bad News

Secret Service agents take an oath to protect and defend the president’s life at all costs regardless of their own personal politics.

A few days ago, one Secret Service agent made headlines when she wrote a Facebook post saying she would never take a bullet for President Trump. Unfortunately for her, she just learned the hard way that this was a VERY bad idea.

Kerry O’Grady, a 23-year Secret Service veteran in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver division, posted several disturbing messages on her Facebook page in which she maligned President Trump. IJ Review reported that O’Grady said he is a “disaster” for the country, especially for women and minorities. O’Grady added that she would rather endure “jail time” than “taking a bullet” for the president.

In light of her Facebook rantings, the agency has put O’Grady on suspension with pay from her position as a special agent. Clearly one has a right to hold their own personal views on politics but O’Grady show that she was incapable of upholding her oath to protect the president.

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