President Trump Did Amazing Thing For Slain Navy Seal

President Trump surprised everyone and made an unannounced visit to Dover Air Force Base today to honor the family of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens. The 36-year-old man was killed during a raid on a compound used by Al Qaeda’s Yemen-based offshoot in the country’s Bayda province. President Trump will also be spending personal time with Owen’s family, something Obama never cared to do with the servicemen and women killed under his watch.

Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens

Owens death marks the first military death under Trump’s presidency and reports say he is not taking it lightly.

Many on the left are trying to blame President Trump for the raid going poorly, but the special operations raid had been planned for more than two months. President Obama opted not to sign off on it because plans called for the raid to take place on the next moonless night in Yemen, which was not until Jan. 28 after he left office. Trump then approved the operation after he took office.

Even though nearly 2,500 military men and women were killed during Obama’s presidency in Afghanistan alone, Obama only visited Dover twice.

Not only that, Obama actually changed the policy that forbids the media from covering Presidents at Dover Air force base. Apparently, Obama wanted to make sure he got every photo op chance he could get when it came to our military. Trump, however, spent time with the family in secret and ordered no press to be present. 

That is what a Commander in Chief who loves our military does. Thank you, President Trump.