Mike Pence Just Killed The Democratic Party

WOW! It seems that Mike Pence has had enough stupid Democrats.

Namely Mike Pence tweeted video that COMPLETELY DESTROYS the left’s fake opposition to Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court.

After Trump nominated Goruch, Chuck Schumer said he has “serious doubts” over whether or not Gorsuch is qualified and said he probably will not vote for him.

But bad news for Schumer. He was exposed by the Pence: In 2006, he VOTED to approve Gorsuch in the Senate! Pence Tweeted the 2006 video of Chuck Schumer voting for Gorsuch, AND the Democratic party UNANIMOUSLY approving him!

This is proof that the Democrats are very big hypocrites!

BOOM! Now what? He now hates the man and previously acted as if he likes him. So how is it possible? Pretty embarrassing, right?

Another Trump and President to nominate him for the Supreme Court the left were against him and were trying to destroy it.

They had pre-made protest signs with every possible candidate that Trump could have nominated.

They even had signs that said “#STOP <FILL IN NAME HERE>” sign. How low and pathetic.

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