Mike Huckabee Issues Dire Warning To Hollywood Liberals, “Lay off Trump Or…”

Mike Huckabee has issued a direct threat to all Hollywood liberals, leave Trump alone or go broke.

“If snarky late night comics and pompous music stars keep alienating their audiences with angry, leftist political diatribes, they might eventually find themselves performing on street corners for spare change, next to some smelly guy who’s been out there holding a sign reading ‘The World Is Coming To An End’ since 1981,” the former Arkansas governor said.

“From listening to the media, you’d think every American is furious that Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected, despite the fact that at last count, she’s lost to Trump three times (on Election Day, in the misbegotten recounts and in the attempt to intimidate the Electoral College).”

“Consumer confidence has skyrocketed to its highest level since 2001. Manufacturing jobs are returning, stock markets are setting all-time records, and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet,” Huckabee said.

“If Hollywood and the music industry are determined to keep up their 24/7 whining and insulting of both the President and that vast, red expanse of America that voted for him, they may find their audiences whittled down so much that they become completely irrelevant.”

Very well said.

What liberals never understand is that conservatives have the money in this country, sand we will vote with our wallets too.